Swarm Trap


Looking to improve your beekeeping? This one-of-a-kind swarm trap pays for itself on the first swarm caught!

Our custom swarm traps are easy and safe to deploy or retrieve. Because we use a unique hoist and secure system, your trees will be damage-free. This 50+ liter swarm trap will catch large bee swarms in search of a cavity with large volume. Constructed from ¾” exterior grade plywood and milled using a CNC with cabinet joinery, our traps are easy to assemble. Due to the ventilated and inset locking top panel, the trap is totally secure once the perforated entrance gate is closed. The overhanging roof is made from durable polyethylene material. For your safety and convenience, there is no need for a ladder or other climbing apparatus to deploy or retrieve the box. Each trap includes a metal bridle and nylon strap for hoisting the box into your tree and firmly mounting it.

Assembly required.

Each swarm trap includes:

  • Assembly and user’s guide
  • Metal bridle
  • Hoisting strap
  • Roof panel
  • Fasteners

Swarm Trap with Frames & Lure


We have built the best trap on the market today. Using the principles of cabinet making and beekeeping we deliver to you a swarm trap that is the most durable, easy to use and largest on the market: 19.75″ deep 22″ tall and 8.75″ wide.

This 45+ liter 5-frame capacity swarm trap is designed to catch  large bee swarms that are searching for a cavity. You can raise and secure the trap while on the ground at all times, and avoid damage to the tree. The traps have been design to hold standard Langstroth/Dadant frames. The mechanically secured top and vented entrance cover allows safer transport over longer distances. Constructed from 5/8″ exterior rated plywood milled using a CNC router with cabinet joinery for easy assembly and to ensure water tight joints for years of use. (Others use cloth, cardboard, or thin plywood with staples and no special joinery.) The overhanging roof is a sheet of durable polyethylene material.

Assembly required.

Swarm trap includes:
  • Assembly and user’s guide
  • 5 heavy wax coated plasticell frames
  • Predrilled plywood panels
  • Metal bridle
  • Hoisting strap
  • Roof Panel
  • Fasteners
  • 10mL Lemongrass oil swarm lure

Beetle Bottom Board


Trap and kill invasive small hive beetles with our specialized screened bottom boards. This system capitalizes on bees’ natural behavior to push beetles off of frames and out of the hive. When beetles fall through the screened bottom boards, they land in a water or oil filled tray and die. The #7 screen wire openings will allow an adult beetle to fall through but restrict the passage of honey bees. 

  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Usable year-round
  • Fits 8-frame and 10-frame hives without modification

The bottom board opening can be operated in four different ways to address a variety of needs:

1) To provide full ventilation: Screen completely open with no tray installed.

2) To capture beetles: Install tray with rim up for holding liquid.

3) To seasonally restrict air flow to maintain heat for the brood or cluster: Install tray with rim down

4) To provide partial ventilation in the back of the hive: Tray can be pulled forward.

Lemongrass Swarm Lure


Using swarm lures is the best method of attracting free local bees, which reduces the loss of honeybees. Lures increase your chance of catching swarms, as honeybees are more likely to consider your trap.

Many suppliers of honeybee lure use synthetically produced pheromones such as Nasonov, which limits the shelf life of the lure and requires it to be stored in a freezer. Alternatively, lemongrass oil is a stable compound that is cheaper, will last longer than other bait lures, and does not need to be stored in a freezer until use. Using lemongrass oil as an attractant is a proven way to successfully entice swarms of honeybees to declare a new home in your swarm trap. This effective and natural oil should double your chances of luring a swarm to a hive or trap.

  • 10 mL Lemongrass oil

Coming soon to our shop...

  • Beehive external feeder
  • Vented attic with telescoping top cover

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